June Update: UBC’s progress with Lean Six Sigma Training

Since our last update in March, thanks to the continued support and commitment of our partners at Sauder School of Business and UBC team members, Operational Excellence has coached one additional cohort of managers and leaders through the Sponsor Leadership Training, and two cohorts of staff through yellow belt training. Most importantly, graduates have been delivering continuous improvement projects to work more efficiently and effectively.

View your faculty or unit’s progress with Lean Six Sigma completion in the table below (updated as of June 27, 2022). If you’d like a detailed breakdown of participants in your unit, please contact the Operational Excellence group.

Please note:

  1. Participants are now grouped based on their supervisory organization hierarchy instead of cost centre, to reflect a more accurate headcount. As a result, some numbers may have shifted compared to the latest report from March, as some employees might be funded from a cost center that belongs to a different hierarchy from the supervisory organization (org chart).
  2. “Total (Currently at UBC)” reflects the total number of people trained at each level who are currently at UBC and are available to deliver continuous improvement projects in their unit.
  3. “Grand Total Trained by the Program” includes people who have left UBC or decide not to complete their Yellow and Green Belt certification program.
  4. “Distinct Count of Employees” is lower than “Total # of Certifications Issue” as some employees might have attended more than one session (e.g. White, Sponsor, Yellow, or Green Belt).