Introducing the Continuous Improvement Community of Practice (CoP)

When we created the Center of Excellence, our vision was to establish a network and a Community of Practice (CoP). The CoP is a platform to connect people, foster learning, and share experience, institutional knowledge, and best practices to align and support our organizational missions.

Knowledge sharing is key in a large, diverse, and open organization like UBC. Having a broad and diverse network of practitioners allows us to leverage our collective knowledge of Lean Six Sigma, adapt to the fast-moving changes at UBC, and promote a university-wide continuous improvement culture.

Our goals are to:

  • lead the recommendations and plans to collaboratively implement a continuous improvement culture across UBC
  • implement consistent structure for Operational Excellence initiatives across UBC
  • implement Business Intelligence to track and measure initiatives

Membership has varying levels of training and experience in Lean Six Sigma. Yellow, green, and black belts graduates will receive an invitation in the coming months to join the CoP and meet quarterly — stay tuned for more information.